TOD TALKS – Terrible ideas improvised

Presented by Tod Talks

Part improv, part bullsh*t, always hilarious, Tod Talks is coming to WA Comedy Week!

Tickets: From $27.50

About This Show

Terrible ideas, improvised. TOD Talks invites five local comedians to give a presentation on a topic they know nothing about. With the support of a slide show they have never seen and props that make no sense. Can they convince us they are experts and b**shit their way to fame and glory? Probably not, but it’s sure to be hilarious. 

Playing across the country to sell-out crowds, TOD Talks is back in Western Australia hoping to spread some laughter and terrible ideas for their last WA show for 2022. Featuring an all local line-up, the WA Comedy Week special will talk about big ideas important to us in the west, like “How wearing hi-vis makes you more attractive” and “can daylight savings save the world?”

Its home-grown puns, presentations and improvised absurdity is a must-see for any who loves laughter, quick whits and a bar graph. 

TOD Talks will have you clutching your sides in stitches and grateful you’re not the one getting on stage. 

“Cringeworthy to belly laughing brilliance in just moments” – Fringeworld “The art of Bulls**t really is comedy gold” – Dirksy Magazine

Early Birds on sale until 9pm October 3 (Group bookings available),

The Rechabite (Hall)

224 William St, Northbridge 6000